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Calls From the Wild

Snapshots, stories, and behind-the-scenes antics from my photographic adventures.

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Bear Witness Toques

Indulge in the exquisite Bear Witness Toques — an exquisite blend of beauty and sophistication, showcasing our signature ‘Zen Bear’ logo, captured by owner Johnny Hayward in November 2020. These toques boast a timeless appeal, adorned with a simple yet refined emblem.

Crafted to offer universal comfort, they’re designed as one-size-fits-all, ensuring a snug fit for everyone. Plus, they prioritize comfort with a non-itchy fabric, guaranteeing a cozy and irritation-free experience. Experience style and comfort seamlessly intertwined in our exclusive collection of Bear Witness Toques.


Now Booking 2024 Polar Bear Tours to Churchill, Manitoba, Polar Bear Capital of the World.

Come with Bear Witness Photo Tours to view ground level polar bear viewing and photography like no other.

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Trip of a lifetime, stand eye to eye with Canada’s magnificent polar bears.   

Polar Bear Tours to Churchill, MB, Oct.-Nov. 2022. This fall I am extending an invitation to all of […]